Macular degeneration is a common vision condition that affects people mostly in their fifties. This condition gets worse with time when not treated promptly.


At Capital Eye Medical Group, we offer treatment for macular degeneration. Our eye doctor will examine you comprehensively when you have symptoms of this condition. We then offer treatment promptly to help you see clearly and prevent the progression of this condition.

Our ophthalmologist and eye care team are highly skilled and ready to help you achieve your vision goals.

We have clinics in Roseville, CA, and Grass Valley, CA.

What Is Macular Degeneration? (AMD)

It’s a condition that occurs when the macula (central part of the retina) wears down. This condition may affect one eye and then affect both eyes after some time. It may also cause the worsening of vision over time, which may make it hard to do everyday tasks such as driving and reading. Some people get affected by this condition severely to the extent that they can’t recognize other people.

Causes of Macular Degeneration

The cause of macular degeneration is not known. However, scientists associate it with environmental and hereditary factors. Lifestyles factors, such as smoking and obesity, are also thought to be contributors to the development of this condition.