Capital Eye Medical Group Reviews

"I am between treatments for cataract removal from both eyes after having been referred to Dr. Mitra Ayazifar by a friend. From the moment I first walked into the office, I was treated with respect. From the receptionists to Dr. Mitra. Throughout the whole procedure, from the examination to the extraction, I received such fine performance from all concerned. I was well informed of all steps involved from the pre-op appointments to the actual surgery. I was absolutely amazed and thrilled at the results. I feel like a "kid" and can hardly wait for the 2nd eye to be "fixed". I highly recommend Dr. Mitra and her great staff. I am, with no doubts... doing this again to the other eye! A job well done... Thank you so much Dr. Mitra!!"

Michael H. 12/15/2020

"I have been fortunate to have Dr. Mitra Ayazifar perform my two eye surgeries. In 2019, I elected to have a lower lid blepharoplasty ( lower lid surgery) to improve the puffy bags under my eyes. I was given a thorough explanation of what the surgery and cost would be. All my questions and concerns were thoughtfully answered by Dr. Mitra. During recuperation, I was able to email Dr. Mitra additional questions and received prompt responses. I am so very pleased with the results from my lower lid surgery. I now have a fresh and younger look!

In December 2020, my right eye required cataract surgery. Dr. Mitra thoroughly explained each lens option and what the surgery and minor recuperation would entail. During surgery, Dr. Mitra guided me through the procedure with caring communication. This surgery gave me vision acuity I haven’t had since I was a young girl! I credit Dr. Mitra with offering me the current state of the art lens option.

Not only is Dr. Mitra an excellent surgeon, she was also caring and thorough with all explanations and details that would occur during each of my procedures. I have the highest praise for her expertise and ability to connect with me as her patient.​​​​​​​"

Susan B. 12/09/2020

"Dr. Mitra is all around excellent. From her friendly and caring demeanor to her amazing surgical skills, I couldn't have found a better Doctor. I saw Dr. Mitra for upper eyelid surgery. I expressed what I was after and she was very patient and thorough in explaining what she recommended for me. The results exceeded my expectations...... the results ended up better than I had anticipated. Post surgery I thought I might have developed a complication and she was timely and attentive with my follow up care. She even came into the office on her day off to see me-how often does that happen? I highly recommend her. Great skill and personality!"

M.G. 09/20/2020

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